WOMAN@WORK is a Ladies Networking Forum that:
  • hosts monthly networking events
  • inspires, motivates and builds relationships with ladies in our community
  • promotes local community initiatives, non-profit organisations and charities
  • helps promote and market local businesses

The Forum and Events strive to provide inspiration, motivation, support, encouragement and purpose for women.

Words from owner Mrs Toni Mackrell:
“My main goal for WOMAN@WORK is to inspire ladies and make a difference!”
My Vision is to host Events that will encourage women to find and follow their true passion, inspire them to establish their core values, motivate them to reach their potential, hoping they will find satisfaction and balance in all aspects of their lives. The Guest Speakers inspirational talks include various topics relevant to all women. My Events help ladies to network, find inspiration, promote businesses and promote local charities and non-profit organisations. Knowing there are many aspects and challenges to achieving a fulfilled life, my Mission is to promote, support and empower as many women as possible by building strong relationships with the women in our community, know that together we can make a difference.As Eleanor Roosevelt says: “Alone we are a drop, together we are an Ocean”.”


All women are invited to join WOMAN@WORK to Be Inspired and help Make a Difference:
WOMAN@WORK encourages all ladies to join as a member (FREE), join as a business partner (if applicable) and attend the monthly inspirational events. Whether you are a stay at home mom,a working woman, own your own business or thinking of starting a new hobby or business, you need to be part of our Network.


WOMAN@WORK hosts monthly ladies Networking Events in the Jhb South area, where you have the opportunity togain inspiration and motivation from our guest speakers and life coaches, enjoy a meal, support a charity, be part of a lucky draw and shop in our Shopping area. Our Guest Speakers topics include family, business/work, knowledge, spiritual, wealth, relationships, recreation and health.


The WOMAN@WORK Forum and Events are aimed to encourage/motivate ladies to:

  • support one another, network, build relationships, make new contacts and friends
  • find their true passion and purpose
  • establish and follow their core values to help find balance in all aspects of their lives
  • get involved with community initiatives/charities/non-profit organisations
  • promote their business product or service or start a new hobby, fitness program or business

Most of all, I hope the Events will help inspire and motivate you, and you have fun!

Attend one of the Upcoming Events and join the WOMAN@WORK Network now!